How many free websites on Wix?

Are you looking to establish an online presence with a website but are constrained by a tight budget? Are you curious about the numerous free options at your disposal and particularly, about the offerings by Wix? Ever wondered how many free websites you can actually create on Wix? These are some of the intriguing questions we consider in this article as we thoroughly explore Wix’s free website provisions.

Creating a striking online identity is a necessity in the current digital age. However, the monetary cost often associated with website creation and hosting is a major stumbling block for many, as outlined by Forbes and Entrepreneur. This hurdle obstructs many from leveraging the benefits of a digital presence, notably small businesses and independent professionals. A logical resolution to this predicament is offering free website options that provide quality service while minimizing the financial burden.

In this article, you will learn just how Wix goes about implementing this solution. We delve into the number of free websites that you can create on this platform, the services these free offerings provide, and how they fare in comparison with the paid options. You can anticipate a breakdown of Wix’s website creator and various free templates, along with the restrictions you might face with a free website.

Ultimately, this piece seeks to satisfy your curiosity about Wix’s free website options and guide you in making informed decisions about whether these offerings align with your particular needs and preferences.

How many free websites on Wix?

Basic Definitions To Understand Free Wix Websites

Wix is an online platform that allows individuals to create personalized websites for free. The websites are user-friendly and tailored to cater to the different needs of its users, requiring no technical expertise for creation.
Free Wix websites divulge a base level access to the website’s resources. These websites, though free, come with limited functionalities and bear the ‘Wix’ branding on them. Limited functionalities may include default Wix ads, subdomain use, and capped bandwidth and storage.
Upgrading to a premium Wix account provides more functionalities, such as removal of Wix ads, increased bandwidth and storage, and the utilization of your own domain name.

Unveiling the Abundance: Discover Countless Free Websites on Wix

Building and maintaining a website can be a challenging task, especially for newbies with limited or no coding and design skills. Recognizing such a problem, Wix offers a highly promising solution for many small businesses, bloggers, solo entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to make an online presence. Wix hosts thousands of free websites, a testament to the platform’s user-friendly design and customizable features.

The Magic of Wix’s Free Websites

Wix’s free option sheds light on a realm of opportunity within the world of web design. By facilitating website creation for even the most novice of users, Wix encourages access to all. The free websites offered by Wix stand out in terms of design flexibility, ease of use, and functionality. Users are presented with hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from based on their industry or needs.

Functionality remains unrivaled, with Wix offering a range of features even within the free category. Even for no fee, users can gain access to a host of design and integration elements like galleries, contact forms, social media buttons, and Google maps. Wix doesn’t just provide a platform to create a website; it creates a space that encourages creativity and individuality.

Why Choose Wix for Your Free Website?

Although there are other web hosting platforms provinding free hosting services, what sets Wix apart is its intuitive, user-friendly interface, allowing you to tailor your website to your liking. Worry less about the intricacies of coding, and focus more on molding your site’s aesthetics and content to mirror your brand or personality.

  • An Intuitive Website Builder: Wix’s drag-and-drop feature makes the design process smooth, encouraging designers at any level.
  • Highly Customizable Templates: Pick from around 500 visually-pleasing templates categorized by different niches.
  • SEO Tools: Wix aims to increase user visibility on search engines, with SEO tools aiding in the same.
  • Reliable Support: Wix’s help center and community forums provide instant access to a wide range of tutorials and articles to aid users in making the most of Wix.

Choosing Wix for your free website undoubtedly opens a world of possibilities. It’s not merely about having an online presence but being able to create, customize, and maintain that presence with ease. Whether you’re a small business trying to build a customer base, a blogger trying to share your ideas with the world, or a retailer looking to sell products, Wix’s free websites are a reliable choice to meet your unique needs.

Redefining Accessibility: Wix’s Pivotal Role in Offering Free Websites

Are You Harnessing the Full Potential of Wix?

Wix, unbeknownst to many, isn’t just a platform for designing stunning, high-functioning websites – it’s a treasure chest filled with gems waiting to be discovered and used. But how many of these jewels are present? What are the different kinds of free websites one can create using Wix? Wix offers hundreds of designer-made templates and unlimited pages for free which means you have an unparalleled wealth of opportunities waiting at your fingertips. Users can create all kinds of websites ranging from personal blogs, portfolios and resumes, to professional sites for businesses, events, and music artists among others. The best part? All this, and more, for absolutely no charge.

Unraveling the Underlying Challenge

But why is it, despite the plethora of resources, users often struggle to utilize Wix to its fullest potential? The primary hurdle is knowledge and familiarity, or to be specific, the lack of it. Although Wix is user-friendly and intuitive, with the potential to create a gamut of websites, the vast resources can be overwhelming for beginners. The toolbox may be bursting at its seams with powerful design and customization tools, but the true challenge lies in successfully identifying and leveraging these tools to create a website that not only looks professional and aesthetically pleasing but also serves its intended purpose effectively.

Drawing Inspiration From Successful Examples

To overcome this bottleneck, it is worthwhile to look at some stellar examples of websites created using Wix. One such example is the personal blog of Karlie Kloss, a renowned supermodel and philanthropist. The blog mirrors her personality perfectly, with its chic and minimalist design. She maximizes the use of the ‘Wix Blog’ feature by publishing posts on topics she’s passionate about, thus establishing a strong connection with her audience. Likewise, Seven Grams Caffé, an independent New York City coffee company made the smart move of using Wix’s ‘Online Store’ feature to introduce an eCommerce element to their website. Now, customers can not only browse their menu online but also buy products directly – a feature that has boosted their revenue tremendously. What these examples highlight is the versatility of Wix and how effectively it can be utilized with a bit of creativity and insight. So delve deeper, explore wider, and you will find how Wix can help you create a digital space that’s uniquely you, for free.

From Zero to Hero: Shaping Your Digital Presence with Wix’s Free Websites

An Invitation to Ponder: Is Budget-Friendly Always Profitable?

Take a moment to contemplate – when it comes to online platforms, is complimentary always cost-effective? The charm of free stuff has undoubtedly always been irresistible, however, it is vital not to overlook the potential drawbacks in our rush to capitalize on cost-free solutions. This brings us to the critical aspect of free websites on Wix, a worldwide preferred online website builder. The phase ‘you get what you pay for’ never falls short, even in the digital world. When you opt for the no-cost plans on Wix, it’s clear that it comes with limitations. These roadblocks, in return, curtails the reach and functionality of your website, sometimes making it difficult for your organization to meet its marketing and communication objectives.

Trapped in the Web of Limitations

The principal dilemma that arises with Wix’s free websites lies in the constraints they impose. Primarily, the most pressing issue with the ‘zero-cost’ model is the absence of a personalized domain name. This means your site ends up carrying the Wix brand name, potentially diluting your own brand identity or causing confusion for your target audience. Additionally, there might be Wix promotions placed on your site, which can lead to distraction and decrease the user engagement rate. The second major concern is linked to website analytics and SEO tools. The free Wix platform does not offer comprehensive analytics or SEO tools, placing limitations on a website’s visibility and reach. This lack of access to crucial data might hinder the tracking of website performance, thereby limiting opportunities to refine the site based on data-driven decision making.

Unleashing the Potential through Best Practices

The limitations mentioned above should not discourage users from leveraging the Wix platform, as there are ways to optimize the website even within the restrictions. For instance, despite lacking a customized domain name, thoughtfully chosen SEO keywords to supplement your Wix username can enhance your site’s discoverability. Also, judicious use of free extensions available can optimize the website functionality. Linking your site to free externally-provided analytics tools can provide insights into the website’s performance. Furthermore, ensuring that the website is visually pleasing, mobile responsive and user-friendly will attract more engagements, irrespective of the branding constraints. An investment in quality content – which informs, engages and persuades your target audience – may also serve as a persuasive antidote to some of the limitations imposed by a free Wix website.


Isn’t it amazing how Wix offers such an expansive number of websites free of charge? It truly opens a world of possibilities for business owners, freelancers, artists, bloggers, and many other professionals who dream to establish their presence online without needing to break the bank. The plethora of ready-made templates and the user-friendly interface of Wix simplifies the process of designing a website from scratch. This platform indeed is an excellent avenue for everyone, particularly those who are new to the digital landscape, by affording them a cost-free method of creating and managing a professional-looking website that competes with even the most established brands. Through Wix, they can explore their creativity and maximise their digital marketing efforts at no charge.

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We understand your enthusiasm for learning more about Wix and its many offerings, hence, we want to reassure you that we have more in store for you. As we continue to explore this incredible platform and its features, we will come up with more comprehensive content in our succeeding releases. Hang on, as more and more exciting insights about Wix and its cost-free websites await you. Thank you for your predicted excitement and we look forward to seeing you in our future blog posts.


1. Can I build a website for free on Wix?
Yes, Wix offers a free version that allows users to build a basic website without paying a penny. However, it comes with limitations, like Wix ads on your website and a Wix-branded URL.

2. How many websites can I create under the free subscription of Wix?
With a single account, Wix allows you to create as many free websites as you want. However, each site will have limitations imposed by the free version, such as Wix ads and a Wix subdomain.

3. What features are included in the free version of Wix?
The free version of Wix comes with 500MB of bandwidth, 500MB of storage, and the ability to build and host your website. But remember, your website will display Wix-branded ads and will be hosted on a Wix subdomain.

4. Will my website show ads under the free plan of Wix?
Yes, if you are using Wix’s free version, your website will display Wix-branded ads. To remove these ads, you will need to upgrade to one of Wix’s premium plans.

5. Can I connect my own domain with the free version on Wix?
No, connecting a personal domain is not possible with the free version of Wix. Users are only able to connect their own domain after upgrading to a premium plan.

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