Can I keep my domain name if I leave Squarespace?

Have you ever wondered about the consequences of leaving Squarespace for your domain name? Is it possible to keep your current domain name when you switch? What options do you have? These are valid questions, particularly for those considering making a change in hosting or website building services.

The primary challenge here lies in the transfer and reconfiguration of domain name. Many people tend to assume they’ll lose ownership of their domain name upon leaving Squarespace, which isn’t necessarily true. According to ICANN regulations, one has the right to transfer their domain name to a different host (ICANN, 2013). Meanwhile, the Internet Society also affirms that service providers and Internet registries cannot seize your domain (Internet Society, 2017). Nonetheless, the challenge still remains – how do you successfully transition it without losing it in the process?

In this article, you will learn the steps involved in keeping your domain name even after leaving Squarespace. The article will provide insights on how to transfer your domain name safely, maintain your existing online identity, and make a smooth transition to a new host.

Furthermore, we will debunk some misconceptions about domain ownership and the obligations of service providers. We’ll provide practical strategies for ensuring your domain name remains yours, emphasizing the importance of planning ahead and securing your digital assets before making the switch.

Can I keep my domain name if I leave Squarespace?

Definitions and Meanings of Keeping a Domain Name Outside Squarespace

Domain Name: It refers to the address or URL which individuals type into a web browser to visit a specific website.

Squarespace: It’s a website building and hosting company that enables users to create attractive, professional websites without the need for coding.

Leaving Squarespace but Keeping Domain: This means terminating the web services provided by Squarespace but retaining the same website address. Essentially, it involves transferring your domain from Squarespace to a different host or registrar. It gives you the ability to use the same domain name, despite switching to a different website builder or hosting service.

Why Leaving Squarespace Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Your Cherished Domain Name

Moving Away from Squarespace and Keeping Your Domain Name

When you decide to venture out from Squarespace, a natural concern is what happens to the domain name you’ve nurtured and built on the platform. The good news is, subject to some simple steps, you certainly can keep your domain name. Whether you purchased your domain from Squarespace, or transferred it to the platform from elsewhere, Squarespace does not hold your domain hostage when you decide to leave. This flexibility reduces the stress associated with switching website builders or hosting companies.

In order to keep your domain name post-Squarespace, there are a few steps to follow. Your domain cannot be transferred out within 60 days of either purchasing or transferring it in – this rule is actually enforced by ICANN, not Squarespace. Once you’re beyond that 60-day period, you’re free to initiate transfer out process. It’s valuable to remember this timeline before making any changes to your website.

Steps to Secure Your Domain Name after Leaving Squarespace

To successfully secure your domain name after leaving Squarespace, there is a structured process to follow. The process is straightforward, ensuring your domain doesn’t end up in limbo while moving to a new platform or hosting service.

  • Unlock your domain: The first step is to unlock your domain from Squarespace. This can be done from the Domains panel, where you can toggle off the domain lock.
  • Get Transfer Code: Next, you need to get your domain’s transfer code (also known as EPP Code or Auth Code). Again, you can get this from the Domains panel on Squarespace. This code is needed by your new service provider to complete the transfer.
  • Initiate and Complete the Transfer: Finally, you can initiate the transfer on your new service provider’s site using the transfer code. Comply with their additional steps or requirements. The process usually takes five to seven days, but this can vary based on your new provider’s processes.

With these steps, you can easily keep your domain while moving away from Squarespace, reducing the stress and potential complications. As ever, prior planning prevents poor performance, so factor in ICANN’s restrictions to your venture out timelines. There’s no need to let fear of losing your domain name prevent you from exploring new digital pastures.

Demystifying the Concept of Domain Name Ownership Post-Squarespace

Exploring the Concept

Ever wondered what happens to your domain name when you relinquish your association with Squarespace? It’s a question that may have crossed the minds of many users, especially those considering switching platforms. The key idea behind this is that your domain name is not entirely tied to Squarespace. It’s crucial to understand that domain name and content platform are two different entities. Squarespace is a content management platform and when you purchase a domain through Squarespace, they act as your domain registrar. However, it doesn’t mean that the domain is anchored to Squarespace in perpetuity. If you decide to leave Squarespace and host your website elsewhere, you can absolutely take your domain with you.

Navigating the Predicament

Though the concept may seem straightforward, in practicality, it often leads to confusion. When you decide to leave Squarespace, you are faced with a decision to either transfer your domain to a new registrar or to keep your domain with Squarespace and just change the DNS settings to point to your new hosting service. The first choice may seem appealing, as it offers complete detachment from Squarespace. However, it can be labour-intensive and potentially costly. The latter choice is less cumbersome but leaves you with the onus of paying Squarespace the annual domain renewal fee. This predicament is often what confuses users and leads them to believe their domain name is inexorably linked with Squarespace.

Deftly Tackling the Situation

For clarity, here are examples of best practices. Let’s say you decide to move your website from Squarespace to WordPress. Option one is to transfer your domain to a new registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap before pointing it to WordPress. Ensure your domain is eligible for transfer by checking that it has been at least 60 days since it was registered or previously transferred. Follow the transfer process guidelines of your desired registrar. There might be a transfer fee, but once the transfer is complete, your domain name is now linked with your new registrar rather than Squarespace. Option two is easier; go to your Squarespace account, point your domain to WordPress by changing the DNS settings. Here, your domain remains registered with Squarespace, but the content it directs to is on WordPress. These options aptly illustrate that your domain name isn’t tied down to Squarespace. You have the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Maximizing the Freedom to Retain Your Domain Name Despite Your Ties with Squarespace

Departing From Squarespace? Can Your Domain Name Come With?

When leaving a website building platform, the concern that frequently plagues many is if their domain name, a fundamental aspect of their website’s identity, can be retained? The key issue here is not the departure from Squarespace per se. Rather, the question turns on whether your domain name, which forms an essential part of your online brand identity, can still be yours post-departure. It is a fair and consequential question, considering that a domain name is not just digital real estate, but a marketable asset and face of your brand. Therefore, deciding to switch platforms always brings up the possibility of losing this asset.

Domain Ownership and Transferral – The Core Problem

The central issue when leaving Squarespace – or any website building platform for that matter – is not the transition itself. Instead, it primarily involves domain ownership and transfer. When you sign up with a provider like Squarespace, you purchase your domain name direct through them or transfer from another domain registrar. But here’s the catch – once you choose to exit the platform, it might throw into question your rights and ability to keep your brand-specific domain name, potentially stunting your online growth. This is the crux of the matter and the main problem faced by many in this situation; understanding how to navigate it is crucial to avoiding costly mishaps or unnecessary complications during transfer.

Maintaining Your Domain Name- Navigating the Issue

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you negotiate this challenge. Domain registrars, such as GoDaddy, or platforms like WordPress, facilitate domain transfer processes. For example, let’s consider you’re moving from Squarespace to WordPress. Once you initiate a transfer, you would need to wait for 60 days (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers mandatory period) before moving your domain to your desired location. Alternatively, you can decide to keep your domain on Squarespace and redirect it to your new site by adjusting the DNS settings. Another widely adopted and efficient practice is to purchase a domain name independently of the platform. This implies that despite choosing to part ways with Squarespace, you’re not at the risk of losing your domain name. All these measures, when implemented carefully, can ensure the continuity of your website’s name, identity, and brand equity without disruption.


As we come to a close, it’s worth considering, what becomes of your online identity once you transition from Squarespace? The domain name you have taken time to craft and enhance over time is undoubtedly crucial, and the prospect of losing it can be quite unsettling, especially when you plan to continue your online activities on a different platform. Just like your brand name or logo, online users recognize you through your domain name. Beyond just being an address, it is perhaps the most significant aspect of your online representation.

Let’s not forget that while starting with a new domain name might seem like an exciting adventure, it also means starting all over and potentially losing the SEO ranking you’ve worked hard for. We are confident that by regularly keeping up with our blog posts here, you would have learned the importance of domain names and their value to businesses and individuals alike. Hence, we strongly encourage you to remain a frequent visitor to our site, as we consistently produce valuable content aimed at answering your question, solving your problems, and improving your online experience.

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1. Can I still use my domain name if I discontinue my Squarespace subscription?
Yes, you can still use your domain name even if you decide to discontinue your Squarespace subscription. The domain belongs to you and you have the right to use it with any hosting provider after you leave Squarespace.

2. How can I transfer my domain out of Squarespace?
Transferring your domain out of Squarespace is simple. You need to unlock the domain in the Domain Overview, then obtain the transfer authorization code which can be used with your new hosting provider.

3. How long does it take to transfer a domain from Squarespace?
The time it takes to transfer a domain out of Squarespace varies, but generally, it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days. The exact timing depends on the procedures of the new domain registrar.

4. Will my website be offline if I transfer the domain out of Squarespace?
Your website will not go offline during the process of transferring the domain out of Squarespace as long as you make sure to set up and configure your new host settings before initiating the domain transfer.

5. What happens if my domain is in the 60-day lock period on Squarespace?
If your domain is in the 60-day lock period, you won’t be able to transfer it until the lock period ends. However, you can still point your domain to another hosting provider’s server by configuring your DNS settings.

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