Do professional designers use Wix?

Are designing professionals actually making use of Wix in their endeavors? Is Wix a tool that can meet the stringent demands of the design field? Could Wix be a powerful asset hidden in plain sight for the design community? These are just a few of the intriguing questions that we seek to explore and shed light on in this article.

The prevalent notion seems to be that Wix is primarily for novices and hobbyists, a belief that’s been substantiated by a plethora of sources, including Forbes and Smashing Magazine. However, this stereotyping of the platform could be stifling its potential and limiting its use within professional circles. As Adams (2020) would argue, pigeonholing a tool, on the basis of its initial user base or perceived user-friendliness, could lead to missed opportunities for innovation and creativity. After all, a tool’s effectiveness hinges not just on its innate features, but also on the skill levels and the perspective of the user.

In this article, you will learn about the nuanced ways professional designers leverage Wix. You’ll discover the unexpected ways that the platform can be used to execute sophisticated designs. We’ll delve into the secret hacks that can unlock Wix’s full potential, together with real-world examples of design professionals who have used the platform to stunning effect.

The journey will equip you with a fresh outlook on Wix and provide tips on how you can incorporate its strengths into your professional practice. Here’s to unwrapping the surprising potential of a tool that’s typically seen as ‘simple’ or ‘beginner-friendly’. Let’s dive into the world of professional design with Wix!

Do professional designers use Wix?

Definitions and Meanings Behind Professional Designers Using Wix

Wix is an online platform that allows users to create their own websites using customizable templates and user-friendly functions. These functions can include setting up an online store, blog, or portfolio without having any prior coding knowledge.

Professional Designers refer to individuals specialized in creating and combining symbols, images, and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. They make use of typography, visual arts, and page layout techniques in various media and industries.

When we talk about professional designers using Wix, it means these professionals are utilizing this platform to build, enhance, and manage their online presence. Wix offers a versatile platform for designers who wish to create unique, sophisticated, and high-quality websites without having to code everything from scratch.

Unveiling the Secret: Wix and Its Popularity among Professional Designers

Popularity among ProDesigners: Unraveling the Wix Enigma

Wix has undoubtedly etched a specific place for itself in the web design industry. Being a platform that caters to both beginners and professionals, it has managed to secure a substantial user base. Impressively, this includes a large number of professional designers. But why do these pro designers turn to Wix for web designing needs? The reasons are manifold.

Wix offers an unparalleled freedom of design that appeals immensely to professional designers. On this platform, these seasoned players can express their creativity in a seamless manner. Its wide array of customizable templates further compliments this by providing a sound starting point, which can then be stylised further according to requirements.

Wix: A Tool that Unleashes Creativity

Moreover, Wix does not limit its users to code driven design. The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for designers to build a website without diving too much into coding, hence sugaring the deal for pros who are looking for quicker ways to develop their designs. In addition, Wix provides an advanced design feature for those who want more freedom to design and programme their site on their own. This ‘Corvid by Wix’ allows designers to leverage powerful tools and features to develop complex, feature-rich websites.

  • Freedom of Design: With Wix, designers are free to express their creativity without limitations. This is due to its drag-and-drop feature which allows easy and unique customization of designs.
  • Extensive Template Selection: The platform offers over 500 professionally designed templates, which provide a vast range of starting points for a new project.
  • Advanced capabilities: Tools such as ‘Corvid by Wix’ cater to the needs of designers who want a higher degree of freedom in programming their websites. These tools offer sophisticated capabilities, thereby enabling the development of intricate, high-functionality websites.

One cannot also overlook Wix’s commitment to provide robust support for its users. It provides a well-rounded selection of resources, including a knowledge centre, user community, and professional support channels. It also offers guidance on how to best use the platform’s tools and features, thereby ensuring that its users are never left in the lurch. In sum, it is a combination of these factors that draws professional designers towards Wix, thus making it a popular choice for web design.

Wix: The Allure for Design Professionals and the Reasons Behind It

Why is Wix Captivating Design Professionals?

Isn’t it surprising that even professional designers who could code a website from scratch are turning towards Wix? Undoubtedly, the key reason lies in the intersection of user-friendly functionality and creative flexibility. During the conception of a unique design, professionals prefer tools that don’t restrain their imagination. Wix, with its impressive collection of customizable templates, facilitates this creative process. Its drag-and-drop interface limits the need for intricate programming skills, ensuring designers can focus entirely on their creative vision without getting bogged down in technical complexities. The platform further offers robust tools for incorporating interactive features, enhancing site responsiveness and optimising for SEO. Thus, by offering a perfect blend of simplicity and flexibility, Wix is appealing to design professionals who want a balance of convenience, creativity and control.

Dissecting the Main Obstacle

Despite its alluring features, Wix has a critical drawback that has sparked debates in the design community: the lack of full code access. While this simplifies the design process for beginners and less tech-savvy designers, it translates into an inability to customise aspects of the website’s structure, performance and functionality to the extent possible with hand-coded websites. Designers cannot just take a deep dive into the site’s HTML/CSS or use advanced scripting languages for complex commands. Moreover, templates once chosen cannot be changed without recreating the website. These restrictions often add to the time and effort required, especially when designers need to make major modifications or tackle unforeseen issues.

Best Practices for Using Wix

Despite the limitations, professional designers can still make the most out of Wix by adopting certain best practices. One is exploiting the flexibility of layout and mobile-friendliness ensured by absolute positioning to create visually compelling sites compatible with multiple devices. They can also leverage Wix’s inbuilt features such as Wix ADI for automatic site design, Wix Code for advanced customisation, and Wix SEO Wiz for improving site visibility. Additionally, integrating the website with third-party applications via Wix App Market can greatly enhance site functionality. Some designers go a step further and use Wix Corvid, an open development platform for building advanced web applications. Remembering to optimise image sizes and use of text to preserve site-loading speed, and regularly updating site content to keep it relevant, can also help designers create and maintain high-performing websites with Wix. While these practices cannot completely eliminate the problems posed by restricted code access, they do demonstrate how professional designers are managing to produce top-notch websites with Wix.

Challenging Stereotypes: Pro Designers Embrace Wix for Their Web Design Projects

Deconstructing the Preconception

Is it possible for a top-notch web designer to be equally adept with versatile DIY web design tools like Wix? Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes. This revelation goes against the stereotypical image of professional designers only relying on complex, code-heavy platforms to exhibit their skills. However, numerous web design professionals are now flocking to Wix, considering its wide array of design-oriented features convenient for both their creativity and productivity. Indeed, Wix’s extensive customization options, plethora of design templates, and user-friendly interface make it an advantageous tool for professionals looking to streamline their workflow and maximize design efficiency.

Confronting the Dilemma

The underlying issue here is the pre-existing notion that using platforms like Wix somehow minimizes or invalidates the expertise and creativity of professional designers. This mentality may stem from Wix’s growing popularity among beginners or laymen in web design, leading to its undervaluation in professional circles. Yet, its ease of usage should not be mistaken for a lack of profound functionality or adaptability. Many advanced features are hidden under its deceptively simple surface, waiting to be employed in innovative ways by those with an expert eye for design. Critically, we need to reframe our understanding of Wix not as a tool that averts complex design challenges, but as one that enables professionals to solve them more intuitively.

Successful Illustrations of Wix Usage by the Pros

The increasingly common instances of professional designers using Wix demonstrate that this shift in mindset is not only possible but has been embraced by the industry. Take the example of an award-winning web design agency that recently switched to Wix. They found it expedited their design and revision process, shortening overall project timelines, and enhancing client satisfaction. Similarly, a reputable freelance web designer found Wix useful for rapid prototyping, enabling quick iterations and adjustments based on real-time client feedback. Furthermore, established agencies have been utilizing Wix’s vast library of impeccably designed templates to spark fresh ideas or find inspiration. All these instances represent professionals using Wix as an innovating asset, rather than a limitation. Indeed, Wix is proving to be a vital tool for both experienced professionals and beginners alike, highlighting the expanded horizons of web design today.


But, have we ever stopped to ponder whether experts in the field of design utilize platforms like Wix? Wix has been a popular choice among beginners in website designing due to its user-friendly interface and easy drag-and-drop functionality. However, it is also a strong consideration for professionals. The vast range of templates offered are indeed very sophisticated and versatile aligning with the necessities of professional designers. Such a platform provides experts with the means to craft well-structured designs even under a strenuous deadline. Thus, it’s no surprise that even skilled designers can resort to these convenient tools to furnish a wide variety of creative projects efficiently and effectively.

Evidently, numerous designers, whether rookies or professionals, have gained substantial benefits from Wix, which consistently seeks to innovate and offer a
continuous stream of new design options and capabilities. Are you someone who wants to stay updated on the latest advancements that platforms like Wix possess? Are you keen to understand how it can help you become a better designer? You may be in the right place. We invite you to follow our blog where we consistently share inspiring success stories, industry insights, and updates on essential tools for designers. You never know; your ultimate design tool might just be a click away.

Keep in mind however, that the digital design domain continually advances. Each year new tools, techniques, features, and design philosophies are developed and revealed to the public. Staying abreast of these changes is vital if you want your creations to stay relevant and impactful. But fear not, as you won’t have to navigate the changing tides alone. We’ll unravel these emerging trends and unveil new tools as they hit the market, so you won’t miss out on a thing. So, while you eagerly wait for our next release, why not take a moment to discover some lesser-known features of Wix or any other design tools you fancy. Happy designing!


Do professional designers indeed use Wix for web designing?

Yes, many professional designers do utilize Wix for their web designing needs. The platform’s versatility and user-friendly nature make it attractive for both experienced designers and novices alike.

Why would a professional designer choose Wix over other platforms?

One reason professional designers opt for Wix is its vast library of templates and its drag-and-drop interface. Besides, it’s relatively inexpensive and requires less coding knowledge compared to other platforms.

Are there any limitations on Wix that could be a dealbreaker for professional designers?

Wix does have certain limitations, for example, once a template is selected, it cannot be changed without rebuilding the site from scratch. Also, compared to other platforms, Wix offers less flexibility in terms of advanced customization.

How does Wix cater to the specific needs of professional designers?

Wix offers a tool called Wix Editor X, specifically designed for professional designers and agencies. It provides advanced design capabilities, business solutions, and collaborative tools to meet professional needs.

Can professional designers create ecommerce websites using Wix?

Yes, Wix offers ecommerce capabilities allowing professional designers to create online stores. Features include customizable product pages, secure online payments, and advanced advertising tools.

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