Can I keep my domain if I leave Squarespace?

Are you contemplating moving your website away from Squarespace? Are you worried that your domain name, which is vital for your brand’s identity, might not move with you? Or maybe you’re simply curious about what happens to your domain whenever you decide to break ties with your current website builder?

A significant concern for many website owners is the risk of losing their unique domain when they switch website builders. It’s a valid concern evidenced by the myriad of online discussions on platforms such as Quora and Reddit. The continued rise of such inquiries underlines the need for more clarity on this topic. Inside this context, we propose a solution: developing a clear and detailed guide on the process of retaining your domain when leaving Squarespace.

In this article, you will learn the ins and outs of keeping your domain after leaving Squarespace. The guide will provide detailed, step-by-step instructions based on Squarespace’s official guidelines and industry expert insights. It will unravel the apparent complexity surrounding the issue and deliver clear, concise answers that empower you to take control of your domain’s future.

Whether you’re a seasoned webmaster or a novice website owner deciding to change platform, this information will prove invaluable. So, as we venture into the specifics, rest assured – your domain can come with you, whatever direction you may take.

Can I keep my domain if I leave Squarespace?

Definitions and Meanings: Owning a Domain Outside Squarespace

Domain: A domain is your website’s address on the web, such as It’s how people find you online.

Squarespace: Squarespace is a popular website building and hosting service that allows users to create their websites using customizable templates.

Owning a Domain Outside Squarespace: Yes, you can keep your domain if you decide to leave Squarespace. Even if you used Squarespace to purchase your domain, they don’t own it – you do. When you leave Squarespace, you have the option to transfer your domain to a new provider, giving you the flexibility to control and manage your online presence.

The Untold Secret of Retaining Your Domain Post-Squarespace Departure

Ownership and Control Over Your Domain

If you’re contemplating leaving Squarespace, you might wonder about the fate of your domain. Luckily, the domain you acquired through Squarespace or transferred into Squarespace is yours. That means you have total control over it, even upon cancellation of your Squarespace account. This gives you the convenience of transitioning to another hosting provider while still keeping your domain.

However, it’s important to be aware of the transfer lock that Squarespace places on new domains for 60 days after the purchase date. This is a safety measure to help protect your domain from transfer to another provider without your consent. If your intention is to leave Squarespace, it’s advisable to plan ahead and wait for the 60-day transfer lock to expire before initiating the domain transfer process.

Migrating Your Domain From Squarespace To Another Provider

When you’re ready to migrate your domain to another web hosting provider, there are several steps to follow. First, you’ll need to disable SSL for your domain from your Squarespace DNS settings. This is essential as it ensures that the transfer process will not be interrupted by a SSL certificate. The next essential step is to unlock your domain from the ‘domains’ page on your Squarespace account. After unlocking your domain, you will receive an authorization code via email, which is crucial for the successful transfer of your domain.

  • Disable SSL for your domain from Squarespace DNS settings
  • Unlock your domain from the ‘Domains’ page on your Squarespace account
  • Retrieve the authorization code, which will be sent to your email address

Once you have done all these steps, it is now time to initiate a domain transfer with your new hosting provider using the authorization code you received. Keep in mind that the domain transfer duration may vary, ranging from a few days to a week, depending on your new provider.

It’s worth mentioning that your website remains live during the transfer process, except for when the DNS settings change is propagating. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about any downtime during the domain transition process. Irrespective of your reasons for leaving Squarespace, the company promises a smooth transition process, ensuring that you retain your online identity by keeping your domain. The freedom in domain ownership does not just end when you decide to terminate your Squarespace subscription.

Unlocking the Mystery: Can Your Domain Stay Yours after Leaving Squarespace?

Is Staying Online Possible Without Squarespace?

Are digital handcuffs enabling your web footprint, or are they stagnating its growth? Let’s explore the reality of transferring your digital identity when you choose to part ways with Squarespace. Domains, simply said, function as your website’s name and address in one. This identity is entirely separate from the hosting service, in this case, Squarespace, which you’ve been using to manage and support your website. Therefore, even if you bid goodbye to Squarespace, your domain can remain yours. The key idea is this: shifting from Squarespace does not mean losing your domain. Your domain name has its own life on the web. It is independent, portable, and controlled by you alone.

The Challenge Imposed by Hosting Services

The main gripes occur in an environment that often creates dependencies. For instance, while Squarespace makes it convenient to create and host a website, it subtly builds a complex ecosystem that may undeniably require technical expertise to resolve. Moving to another host or content management system needs careful planning to ensure your domain’s sustained existence and longevity. The perils of losing valuable SEO rankings or experiencing downtime during the transition can cause significant setbacks. Furthermore, the seemingly simple domain transfer might require handling complicated DNS settings, a daunting task for the uninitiated. Hence, the main problem lies not in keeping the domain but in the intricacies encountered during the move.

Practical Solutions to Overcome the Obstacles

Looking for best practices to transition without damage? Start by copying your old site’s content before anything else. This ensures that you have a backup in case of any unforeseen issues. Secondly, pick a new hosting service with 24/7 support and migration services. The technical aspect of rebinding a domain with its new host can get tricky, therefore professional help can be invaluable. Another suggested practice involves keeping the old site running until the new one is fully operational, which prevents potential downtime. Lastly, consider seeking assistance with SEO migration for better search engine retention. Examples such as Wix or WordPress showcase user-friendly interfaces and offer streamlined migration services that lessen the stress of moving web hosts. Remember: You are not tethered to any hosting service. Your freedom to move demonstrates the power you wield over your domain’s destiny.

Stepping Out of Squarespace: Here’s How to Keep Your Domain Your Own

Independence of Domains: A Widespread Misconception

Ever thought of moving away from your website host, Squarespace, but afraid of losing your domain in the process? Well, breathe easy because there’s a common misconception that leaving a particular hosting service means having to abandon your carefully selected and established domain name. This is far from the truth. Much like a house, your domain is independent of its inhabitants. When an individual or organization registers a domain name, they become the rightful owner of that domain for as long as they continue to pay the annual fee. Consequently, they can move the domain – which is akin to their virtual property – to any platform they choose.

The Apprehension: An Illusion of Losing the Domain

The main issue that usually arises from users wanting to switch from Squarespace, or any other hosting service for that matter, is the fear of the unknown, coupled with the lack of clear understanding about the rules of domain ownership. This fear is often exacerbated by the cumbersome, often technical process of transferring a domain from one hosting platform to another. Thus, it’s the combination of this fear and uncertainty that leads many website owners to mistakenly believe that they could end up losing their domain when in reality, it’s quite the opposite. They hold the sole ownership of the domain and that right remains theirs unless they discontinue paying the annual fee.

Domain Migration: Exemplary Maneuvers From Webmasters

There’s an aggregate of best practices that webmasters often lean upon when moving their domain. A prominent example is of domain owners setting up a new website before redirecting their domain. This ensures that the online visitants to their site experience no downtime. Another model is that of site owners choosing to migrate during off-peak hours or periods of lower traffic to minimize any potential disruption. Noteworthy is the practice of webmaster reaching out to their new hosting service provider, requesting their technical assistance, or even hiring a professional to streamline the process for a smoother transition. All these practical examples reflect that moving a domain from Squarespace or any other platform need not be overwhelming or risky, but in fact incredibly doable with the right approach and guidance.


But isn’t it worth pondering whether or not you truly own your online real estate when choosing a platform like Squarespace? By the end of your exploratory journey, you should have found that when you purchase a domain through Squarespace, you’re not held prisoner by the platform. Even if you decide later to step away from Squarespace, you can maintain control of your domain. Essentially, you can move your online corner to another spot on the World Wide Web and continue to connect with your audience, which is a significant advantage when you want to retain your brand’s identity.

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Q1: Can I maintain ownership of my domain if I leave Squarespace?

A1: Yes, you can retain ownership of your domain even if you decide to part ways with Squarespace. Your domain is yours entirely and you have the ability to transfer it to another platform at your discretion.

Q2: What steps do I need to take to keep my domain after leaving Squarespace?

A2: To keep your domain after leaving Squarespace, you simply need to transfer your domain to another domain provider. Before the process, ensure your domain is eligible for transfer, the contact information up-to-date and prepare to follow each provider’s specific transfer process.

Q3: Will my website be available during the domain transfer process?

A3: There might be a brief period of downtime during the transfer process. However, if the transfer is properly planned and executed, any downtime should be minimal and largely unnoticed by users.

Q4: How long does the domain transfer process take?

A4: The domain transfer process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. This largely depends on the provider receiving the transfer and the speed of your response to any necessary authorizations.

Q5: Are there any costs involved in transferring my domain from Squarespace?

A5: Yes, most new hosting providers will charge you a fee to transfer your domain. The amount can vary depending on the provider, so it is recommended to check before starting the transfer process.

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