Is Weebly still free?

Is Weebly really still free? How does this affect budding entrepreneurs and hobbyists who want to establish their online presence? What considerations should be taken into account when navigating this terrain? These are poignant questions that arise when pondering Weebly’s current pricing model. A platform that was once renowned for its free website building service.

Despite its initial appeal to the realm of free internet services, Weebly’s business model has seen significant changes. According to Techradar and The Balance SMB, it’s a well-known issue that Weebly’s freemium services have been replaced with several paid subscription plans, putting a strain on small businesses and individuals in recent years. This raises the need for users who initially banked on the platform’s free services to come up with strategic solutions to assuage the financial burdens that may ensue.

In this article, you will learn the nuances of Weebly’s pricing structure and how it affects its diverse users. We will take a deep dive into various alternative solutions and tools that can help mitigate the costs associated with building a website on Weebly. Besides, you will also get a broader understanding of the overall implications of the changes in Weebly’s pricing model for its customers.

Furthermore, the article will shed light on the best practices for navigating Weebly’s new terrain, equipping you with strategies to maintain an effective online presence whilst managing your budget. Finally, you will learn the importance of being flexible and adaptive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We will navigate through the world of free and paid online services, unearthing key strategies for utilizing these resources to your benefit.

Is Weebly still free?

Definitions and Essential Concepts to Understand Weebly

Weebly is a website builder that offers a range of tools for individuals and businesses to create websites, blogs, and online stores. It introduces an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, various customizable design templates, and features for website management. Weebly does have a free tier which includes basic features for building and publishing a website. However, advanced features such as a custom domain, advanced site stats, and e-commerce tools are only available in its paid plans. Despite this, the free version of Weebly remains a popular choice for beginners because of its user-friendly tools and manageable learning curve.

Exploring the Costs: How Free is Weebly Really?

Weebly’s Free Plan: What it Offers

Weebly does indeed still offer a free version of its website builder, but as with many things in life, it comes with limitations. The free plan is primarily designed for small scale businesses or individuals who want to create a simple website without having to invest any money. This plan provides basic functionality, such as allowing the user to choose from a variety of templates, and the design process is simple with the drag and drop functionality.

While templates can be customized to a certain extent, the scope of this customization is limited in the free version. Users have access to basic SEO tools, access to chat, email support, and community forum. However, advanced SEO settings, site statistics and add-ons, among others, are reserved for premium users. On the free plan, customers don’t have access to e-commerce features and the website will include Weebly’s branding and will use a Weebly domain.

Identifying Limitations of Weebly’s Free Plan

  • Advertisements: Free version of Weebly’s website carries Weebly advertising. This generally appears in the footer or as a pop-up, which might not be too obtrusive but can still affect the professional image of your website.
  • Domain: If you are using the free version, you won’t have a custom domain name. Your website’s URL will be structured like this: ‘’. A custom domain name can only be attained if you upgrade to one of Weebly’s premium packages.
  • Storage: Free version users are limited to 500MB of storage, which could be insufficient if you’re intending to upload multiple high-quality images or other media files.
  • eCommerce: If you plan to sell products directly from your website, you will need to upgrade. The free plan does not support eCommerce capabilities.

Therefore, although Weebly’s platform is indeed free, it comes with limited capabilities. This kind of free version would perfect for someone who only needs a simple website or someone who wants to try out the platform before making a financial commitment. If, however, you require advanced features, more storage, no advertisements, a custom domain, or eCommerce capabilities, you will need to consider one of the Weebly’s paid options.

Even with these limitations, Weebly’s free version can still be a viable option for some users. Its straightforward interface, array of template options, and customer support are beneficial aspects that anyone could take advantage of, regardless of the plan they choose.

Diving Deep: The Hidden Costs of Weebly’s Free Version

A Deeper Look into Weebly’s Services

A common wonderment among potential users often revolves around Weebly’s pricing structure. Is their service ultimately free as initially advertised? Or does the free platform serve merely as a smokescreen behind which vanishes once users find themselves hooked? Well, the fundamental idea that needs clarification is that Weebly operates on a freemium model. This model allows users to utilize basic functionalities at no cost, presenting a perfect opportunity for small businesses and individuals who merely desire a simple and neat online presence. However, for those desiring to unlock more advanced features, ranging from ecommerce capabilities to professional themes and more, they need to cough up some cash to elevate to a premium plan. A clear illustration of how ‘free’ may not necessarily mean unrestricted access.

The Core Dilemma with Weebly’s Freemium Model

Undoubtedly, the primary issue here lies in the restrictions imposed on the free plan users. Restricted functionalities include limited storage, the inability to connect a custom domain, display of Weebly ads on the website, absence of advanced site stats among other constraints. These limitations could inhibit businesses or individuals desiring growth to scale past the basic functionalities provided for free. This reality further emphasizes the question mark hanging over Weebly’s statement of the free offering, substantiating the skepticism towards the ‘all-free’ concept. Essentially, the users have to grapple with the decision of enduring these bottlenecks in the free plan or dig deeper into their pockets for a more seamless and professional experience.

Strategizing for Optimum Benefits With Weebly

Understanding the convolution around the ‘freemium’ model, several users have devised best practices to optimize their Weebly experience. To highlight a few; First, start-ups and individuals on a strict budget can kick-start their online journey with the free plan, learning the ropes before considering premium upgrades. This approach offers them the chance to understand the platform while saving on initial costs. For those able to afford it, upgrading to premium plan is a wise move. This leap unlocks a plethora of more advanced and necessary features, giving users endless possibilities of expanding their online footprint. Lastly, users looking to tap into ecommerce capabilities have no better plan than the ‘Business’ plan. Despite being the most expensive, this plan provides a complete ecommerce solution, setting users on track towards a flourishing online business.

Behind the Scenes: Unraveling Weebly’s Pricing Plans

A Closer Inspection on Weebly’s Pricing

Is the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” applicable to using Weebly’s services? Indeed, at first glance, it appears like a haven of endless features and tools aimed to enrich your web building experience without the worry of any hidden fees. However, it is essential to scrutinize the details that lie beneath the surface of their seemingly generous free offering. While it is true that Weebly provides a lucrative freemium plan, the limitations that accompany its utilization reveal the real cost concealed behind the initial free use.

To begin, despite the convenience of the free plan to those in the early stages of web development, it essentially acts as a teaser to what the platform can truly offer. Websites built under this structure are under Weebly’s domain, limiting control and presenting an unprofessional image to viewers. Additionally, the free plan comes with a limited storage space of up to 500 MB. If users aspire for their websites to grow, they’ll soon hit this limitation and thus, will feel compelled to upgrade to a premium plan.

Weebly’s Premium Makeup

Recognizing Weebly’s ingenious trap brings to light the main issue: the necessity of spending to unlock the full capabilities of the platform. The presence of Weebly’s branding on the free plan can be off-putting for those wanting to establish a unique identity. This and other limitations such as the lack of HD video and audio players and the inability to sell products are non-negotiable for serious website owners. Therefore, a subscription to their premium plan, which starts at $6 per month, becomes vital. The question then arises: Is this a model of deceptive marketing, or a standard tactic in software as a service (SaaS) market?

Indeed, the free plan can be considered more of a taster – an invitation to explore the potential of Weebly. Users tempted by the free offering may thereafter feel the pinch of the limitations and find themselves upgrading to access better features. This strategy, though not unique to Weebly, merits contemplation before plunging down the rabbit hole.

Leveraging Weebly’s Offers to Your Advantage

That said, it is crucial to mention that Weebly is not entirely ‘the big bad wolf’. Despite the surprise costs, the paid tiers actually offer a wealth of robust features that can justify the cost. For example, the professional plan offers unlimited storage, a free domain, advanced site analytics, and the removal of Weebly ads, providing businesses with a professional platform to stage their online presence. Furthermore, Weebly’s plans are fairly priced in comparison to competing web-building platforms, which demands an even bigger investment for similar features.

So, the trick lies in recognizing Weebly’s free platform as a stepping stone, rather than a complete package. Ambitious web-builders should harness the basic features provided in the free platform while planning for an eventual upgrade once their sites have matured and require extensive functionalities. By doing so, users can leverage the best of Weebly’s offers to their advantage, and transform what may initially appear as concealed costs into a monetary investment for future success.


Isn’t it astonishing how an utterly free platform like Weebly sustains its operations while continuing to offer outstanding web-building tools to its users? Indeed, Weebly maintains a free version, despite the introduction of tiered pricing. While it has become more profit-centric, its basic services remain free for everyone. However, this free plan comes with several limitations, such as restricted access to premium features. To overcome these limitations and enjoy greater benefits, one must opt for their paid plans. This is arguably a smart economic move on Weebly’s part, balancing the free functionalities for beginners and the paid options for more detailed websites.

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Is Weebly’s basic website builder still free?

Yes, Weebly offers a free version of its website builder tool. However, the free version might have limited features compared to the premium ones.

What are some limitations of Weebly’s free website builder?

The free version of Weebly does include some limitations such as limitations on storage, lack of advanced features, and the presence of Weebly ads. Additionally, a free site will also include the Weebly subdomain in its URL.

What features are included in Weebly’s free plan?

Weebly’s free plan offers basic drag and drop features, SEO tools, chat and email support. It also gives access to free themes and some limited eCommerce features.

Can I upgrade from Weebly’s free plan to a paid plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from the free plan to a paid plan at any time. Weebly offers several paid plans that provide more advanced tools and features.

Do Weebly’s paid plans offer a free domain?

Yes, all of Weebly’s paid subscription plans come with a free domain. The free domain is usually valid for one year after subscription.

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